Garage Door Torsion Springs in Ocean County, NJ

Your garage door relies on a series of springs — most commonly torsion springs — to operate smoothly. The door is a heavy piece of equipment, after all, and we could all do with a little help in moving something so cumbersome. The machinery in place to keep things mobile is part of a larger system, however, and could become ineffective and possibly dangerous if one of its pieces breaks. This holds especially true for the torsion springs, due to their important role in the operation and the wear that they are subjected to. If you are in the Waretown, NJ area and find that yours have snapped, Allison Garage Doors, LLC can provide a solution before a minor situation develops into something worse.

What Do Torsion Springs Do?

torsion springTorsion springs usually come in pairs and are attached to an overhead rail along the top center of your garage door. They are tightly wound when the door is closed in order to store energy, and that energy is released when the door is raised. This causes the springs to unwind, turning the shaft that they are attached to and pulling the entryway up and over its track. This lessens the amount of work that the motor (or you) must exert to lift the door.

What Happens When They Break?

The constant pressure exerted on torsion springs as they contract and expand with every up-and-down motion of your garage door degrades them over time. If one snaps, the other spring and the motor must work harder to compensate. This, if left unrepaired, can trigger something of a chain reaction: greater strain on the remaining spring will cause it to deteriorate and break more quickly, which will place even more stress on the engine, which in turn will lose efficiency and could become irreparably damaged. All of this heightens the chance of your garage door slowing and faltering when operating. It also makes more likely the danger of it collapsing and causing further damage to itself and anybody nearby!

How Can Torsion Springs be Repaired?

Once a torsion spring breaks, it needs to be replaced entirely. And while this is something that you can perform yourself, it requires a great deal of maintenance, as much of the attached system must be removed in order for the proper parts to be installed. Several factors must also be considered when choosing the correct parts and following the restoration process, including:

  • The weight of your particular door
  • The strength and length of the spring needed for your door
  • The effectiveness of the tools you use to remove and replace the parts
  • The amount of winding that your new spring needs to work properly once in place

It’s a complex job, and one that can lead to personal injury and a problem-ridden door if not completed with care. Allison Garage Doors, LLC has both the parts and the experience needed to either properly equip you for the work or to take care of the process for you. We are more than willing to travel to you, and so are available to anybody in Waretown, NJ and the nearby areas. Give us a call today!