How Much Does It Cost to Replace Garage Doors in Waretown, NJ?

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Whether you are replacing residential or commercial garage doors in Waretown, NJ, you likely have some anxiety about pricing. There is no doubt that installing new garage doors is a big undertaking, and depending on what you already have, some upgrades are more expensive than others. Here is what goes into consideration when determining the cost of garage door installation:

  • Style and type of door: Just as with any other consumer or commercial product, type and style will determine cost. Simply put, there are models that cost more than others. Metal and aluminum are the least expensive. Custom wooden doors are never cheap, and if you are getting doors for a commercial building like an auto shop, prepare to pay even more. The fortunate part with residential garage doors is that even the most basic options allow for some customization, so you may be able to get what you prefer for less than you might expect.
  • Track condition: If your garage door tracks have shown wear and tear over the last several years, they may require replacement. This is especially true if you are upgrading to a heavier material and your old tracks are unable to hold up the new door. Heavier, more durable doors not only cost more on their own, but you also have to factor in the cost of the supporting infrastructure. Unless you are replacing your door with something just like the old one, be prepared to upgrade your tracks along with the garage door.
  • All the other hardware: Many parts can deteriorate with your garage door, especially if you have not replaced it for a while. Metal cables, springs and other parts also age alongside your tracks, and if they are close to failure, you risk having your door come crashing down one day. Brackets are another consideration, although you may just need to reset them. Replacing these parts supports safety considerations, so even if these efforts add to the cost, you can rest assured that your garage door is installed securely.
  • Electrical needs: If you are including a garage door opener, you may require additional modifications to accommodate it. This is especially true if you never had a garage door opener installed before. The wiring and track setup means extra effort and more expenses. While you may resent these costs at first, just know that when the winter temperatures hit, you will be relieved to never have to leave your car to open or close the garage.
  • Home modifications: When you are considering major changes, like converting from two small garage doors to one large one, you will need to hire a home contractor in addition to a garage door installer. Sometimes the modifications are less dramatic. If you have not replaced a garage door for a long while, the current options may be too large for your existing opening. You can avoid this expense by choosing doors that fit your home already, but if you have an older home, be prepared for additional remodeling before you replace your garage door.

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