How Commercial Garage Doors in Waretown, NJ Are Different from Their Residential Counterparts

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If you own an auto shop, it may be tempting to cut costs by installing residential rather than commercial garage doors in Waretown, NJ. Likewise, you may also prefer something more durable for your home and look into commercial designs for a new garage door. However, neither avenue is recommended, and you are better off pursuing garage door designs that are specific to your structure. Here are five important differences between residential and commercial garage doors:

  • Size: This is likely the most obvious difference between the two. Commercial premises require larger garage doors in order to accommodate delivery trucks or cargo. Homes do not face the same pressures. Residential garage doors are normally seven feet tall, with small variations between designs. Commercial doors, meanwhile, are taller and wider in order to accommodate industrial applications.
  • Appearance: Each type of garage door has different needs for aesthetics. Residential garage doors are made to enhance or match homes. The same standards do not normally apply to garage doors made for industrial locations. Heavy materials add little in terms of beauty, so you would find commercial garage doors to be plain. Some designs contain decorative glass panels, but they are not practical for most applications. Commercial garage doors typically focus more on function than appearance.
  • Types of materials: Residential garage doors offer more options. You can choose between wood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum. This is due to their decorative function as well as their lower durability needs. Their commercial counterparts are normally available only in galvanized steel or aluminum. The goal is to offer reinforcement for heavy use so business can proceed without garage door-related disasters.
  • Project size: The largest homes usually have no more than four small garage doors. One double-sized door is the standard. Commercial garage doors are replaced in bulk. An active auto shop or warehouse could contain four to eight doors, making replacement, repair and installation a large project.
  • Durability: Even busy households will not open and close garage doors as frequently as a tire center or warehouse. Commercial doors are made with industrial-strength materials so they can stand up to heavy use. They also have the hardware needed to accommodate the constant opening and closing.

All this being said, some commercial locations can occasionally get away with residential garage doors. Retail stores or restaurants often do not require commercial durability, but benefit from aesthetically pleasing designs. Residential doors can stand up to this light use in a commercial setting.

However, it is almost impossible to use a commercial door for a home. The frames in most homes cannot accommodate heavier garage doors, and that attracts the unwanted attention of building authorities and homeowners’ associations. Rather than go commercial, look at the sturdier designs for residential garage doors. Do not consider a commercial design unless you are buying it for a private shop that is separate from your home.

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